Labeling Solutions

PromptU combined with Bartender, provides a comprehensive label solution for enabling your business to label once and label right. No matter the size of your company, the size or layout of your production environment or the speed of your production lines, PromptU along with specialist tuned hardware enables you to print labels fast in the harshest of manufacturing environments.

Protrace Solutions Inc. has a wide range of industry standard labels for both manual carton weigh stations and high-speed fully automated packing lines. PromptU and Bartender are a powerful combination, these labels can be quickly modified to suit your company’s needs or change of products and be rolled out to all labelling stations within a matter of seconds.

Protrace Solutions Inc. prides ourselves on our employees’ industry knowledge and experience. We work closely with our customers to provide a fast paced labelling solution which is cost effective and highly configurable.