Sales Module

By integrating with the iSCAN System Module, the Sales Module allows companies to easily manage the sale of products that they manufacture. For accountability and traceability the PromptU Sales Module has the following key features:

  • records details of the estimated sale of goods against a unique order and against current stock levels in real time
  • records details of the actual sale of goods dispatched from the factory
  • records batch or lot numbers against goods dispatched, down to each individual item
  • interacts with the PromptU Inventory System to give real time inventory levels
  • unlimited user-defined reporting capability through captured and calculated information
  • exports data captured in the Sales Module to other systems
  • interacts with Demand Planning and Forecasting Functionality, and
  • minimises mistakes by allowing business rules to be applied to orders which prevents product from being incorrectly dispatched.
  • Forecasting for Stock Planning
  • Data Exports
  • Real-time Services Levels
  • Live Stock View during order Entry
  • Order/Dispatch/Invoice Drilling
  • Full Audits on Amendments
  • Advanced Order Searching