Carcase Grading Touchscreen

The Carcase Grading Touchscreen Module has been design so that it can either be a:

  • standalone station that records carcase information to a lot, or
  • a multi-station system that tracks the live animal from the lairages to the chillers using a series of stations that collect and record information in real time.

For accountability and traceability the PromptU Carcase Grading Touchscreen Module has the following key features:

  • simple, single touch, weigh and print touchscreen transactions
  • interfaces to scales, barcode and RFID readers as well as label printers
  • captures animal grading attributes and health details against lot information
  • integrates with Livestock Management Module with real time updates on stock lot movements, animal health and grading details, and
  • can be configured to easily interact with third party databases.