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Our team of experts can help implement integrated solutions that span the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the end consumer, making sure you receive the results you are looking for, on time and on budget. Protrace Solutions Inc. has developed an innovative computer-based solution for the Food Industry covering Processors, Packers, Distributors and Wholesalers of manufactured products. Where some companies offer a system solution to many industries, Protrace Solutions Inc. Markets System solution is exclusive to the Food Industry. Our goal is to create a system that is simple to use and simple to learn

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Learn who we are and how we can help your business. We have a simple goal: to help you achieve superior, ongoing results through our industry-leading software solutions.



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Experience a smooth implementation like no other. We have worked with customers globally on projects large and small. Providing our customers with maximum benefits, while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership.



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Work with your single point of contact and access beyond normal support channels. When you work with Protrace Solutions Inc. or our resellers, you have access to a team of experts, including customer support, report writers, implementation and development teams.


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PromptU is a unique software product that manages your supply chain process from the purchase of raw materials, through the factory environment (to ensure traceability, integrity and accountability), to the sale of finished goods to market. Successful supply chain organizations depend on maximum system performance. With new technology and increasing volumes, keeping systems tuned and performing at their best is critical. Protrace Solutions Inc. and our resellers offer installation, training and support services to ensure that your systems run at their peak. PromptU helps processors meet the challenges of changing times with an innovative system that maximizes yields, increases throughput, reduces labor costs and optimizes product quality.

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